Our Purpose

To provide homeless families and women protection from the elements, safety from the streets, assistance, and encouragement to make improvements in their living situations in order to obtain a stable living arrangement.

The Haven was founded in 1983 as an outreach mission of Second Presbyterian Church. Originally, it was meant to provide overnight shelter to transient men. Soon after The Haven opened, a more urgent need was identified. Since then, The Haven has offered temporary shelter and support services to families and women. In 1987, The Haven became tax-exempt, but Second Presbyterian Church still provides the building and a significant portion of the funding. A Board of Trustees, that meets monthly, governs the Haven.

The Haven serves over 300 individuals each year; providing over 6,500 sheltered nights and 13,000 meals.


The Haven receives funding in part from Second Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, FEMA, United Way, Spartanburg County Foundation, Alfred E. Moore Foundation, Westminister Presbyterian Church, ESGP and generous contibutions from ciitizens and groups wihtin our community.






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