The Haven…Changing Lives in 90 Days

Success Stories

“I moved out of The Haven on November 6th 2015. Me and my three children Jakyriah Qurzaye and Quarjairie and I was five months pregnant with my now 13 month old son. We lived at The Haven for women and children for seventy six days. This was our home. This place gave me so much hope. I was in a low place in my life before I moved here with my children. I was depressed. No one knew this and I needed a way out.

The Haven provided so much for us. They feed us we had our own room and bathroom we washed cloths and the good part we didn’t have to purchase anything because it was all provided by the The Haven therefore you could save to be able to get things you need when you move. To be honest I miss The Haven. I learned a lot and I met alot of good people. The staff is awesome.

The Haven will always be a touchy subject for me. I learned how to be a better mother living here. They had parenting classes daily that me and all the other women received certificates of completion. I still have all my class papers to Ms Robin and Mrs Kelly. These classes taught how to deal with anger depression how to deal and talk with our children how to save money and we also had to do a five year plan on were we wanted to be in life.

I currently live were I moved to when I left the Haven. I still keep in touch with all of the ladies that I lived at The Haven with because we all shared something special. We were all there because of difficult things that happened in our lives. My mom two brothers and I own and operate a soul food business right down the street from The Haven. We have been in business since December 4th 2016. We have came a long way. What started in a house four years ago has now turned into a business that is steady growing everyday.

I am truly grateful and forever honored for the experience and bond to The Haven. It changed my life and my children’s lives and I always hear from my kids “momma remember when we was at The Haven” such good times lol. They remember everything..”

“This place gave me so much hope.”

” I stand BLESSED enough today to give back to this place that is so special to me.”

“394. It has been 394 days since I left the homeless shelter. The boys and I stayed at the Haven for 8 weeks. It is a homeless shelter for women and children. This was our home. For 8 weeks they offered us a room with our own bathroom, laundry facilities, they fed us and helped me into my apartment. I formed a sisterhood with all of the other women. There is just something about being at the lowest point in your life and supporting one another.

I stand BLESSED enough today to give back to this place that is so special to me. Tonight we fed them dinner and we fed them good! Pot roast, baked chicken wings, chicken pot pie, mac and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, rice and Coke to drink! I hope that the women who are currently there are blessed by our giving and know how much love was put into this meal. Special shout out to Jasmine Epps for helping me serve these women because when I had this idea, I thought I would be doing it alone. Thank you Cathy Biggerstaff Hodge for donating a cake and cookies for me to take! God thank you for being beside in the valley and bringing me through it.”

 A single mother with 3 children ages 17, 16 and 13 became homeless after her husband left the home for another woman. Life with the husband had been difficult. He had been physically and mentally abusive to her and the children over the years. Each child suffered from emotional and mental health problems as a result. The mother suffered from two auto-immune diseases. Mom had never worked outside the home and had home schooled the children. When the husband left, there was no money. Mom and the children became homeless.

During their stay at The Haven, connections to vital services were made for Mom and the children. Behavioral Health treatment, consistent medical treatment and a safe environment in The Haven helped empower this family to take responsibility for their destiny. Mom obtained an income and the children experienced academic successes. Within 90 days, Mom and her children moved into an affordable apartment and live life without daily fear.

“Within 90 days, a single mother and her children moved into an affordable apartment and live life without daily fear.”

“Within 90 days, both parents obtained jobs, a vehicle and a home of their own.”

Dad, Mom and two wide-eyed little girls entered The Haven with nothing but the packs on their backs. They had no transportation, no money and no hope to turn their living situation around on their own.

…90 days later, Dad, Mom and their two sweet smiling daughters left The Haven in a small U-Haul. Their destination ….. a townhouse to call home. During the fall of 2011, this family of four walked to The Haven carrying their life’s possessions on their backs, desperate for help. Within 90 days, both parents obtained jobs, a vehicle, and a home of their own.

A family came to The Haven after losing an apartment due to insufficient income and running out of temporary living options with family and friends. Mom had just begun a new job in the fast food industry. She was petrified she would lose yet another job due to unstable living conditions. Dad was tired and depressed.

Years ago, Dad had been a member of a gang and served time in prison. He’d paid his debt to society more than 5 years ago, but his criminal record was preventing him from obtaining employment. Throughout their stay at The Haven, they received the connections and encouragement needed and gained the tools necessary to transition from homelessness and hopelessness into a stable and permanent living environment.

“…transition from homelessness and hopelessness into a stable and permanent living environment.”